You just installed the most beautiful waterfall or pond in your backyard. Accented perfectly by perennials and annuals, full of colorful blooms and hanging leaves, and bubbling through rocks and stones that mimic a mountain stream perfectly, you want the perfect lighting to accent your outdoor water feature, and a spotlight is not going to cut it. Brighter Homes Lighting Gallery in Salem and Eugene can help. We offer the perfect outdoor landscape lighting to make your water feature gorgeous. Below, we’ll offer tips on choosing outdoor landscape lighting and invite you to visit our showrooms today!


  • Setting is important. You want to enjoy your water feature at night and have a calm, serene mood at the end of a long day. You’ll probably want to hide the wires and other features that detract from the naturalness of your water feature and that will be stark when lit at night. You don’t necessarily have to light a waterfall from underneath. You can highlight your water from behind, using a wash light, to accent the surface of the water.
  • Use enough lighting. Most people make the mistake of not using enough lighting. Remember, water disperses light, so if you’re using a lot of underwater lighting, you’ll need more than you think. Dark stones absorb light and light stones reflect light. Choosing outdoor landscape lighting is very much a trial and error process.
  • Experiment. You’ll probably have to move your outdoor landscape lighting around to get the right look — and that’s okay. Don’t forget to experiment at night as well, when you’re going to be using the light. If you want to highlight the falling water, you’ll want your light to catch the air bubbles where the water hits. Water also refracts light, creating another area of adjustment for you. Be patient. It’s often just little tweaks that’s required.
  • Pond life. Fish often like dark and quiet areas, which is often a corner of your pond, under a rock, or even under a pathway. Also, lighting can change water temperature, which can affect the fish in your pond. You’ll want to avoid underwater lighting made of copper or zinc, which can be toxic to fish. Stick to stainless steel or polycarbonate materials.

When the days lengthen and the temperatures rise, we want to spend our time outdoors in a relaxing environment that allows for long conversations and silent contemplation alike. Brighter Homes Lighting Gallery in Eugene and Salem offers up the perfect outdoor landscape lighting for your water feature. If you make an appointment with one of our lighting consultants, we can help you choose the perfect lighting to highlight the beauty and serenity of your water feature or pond. Our experienced team is eager to share their knowledge with you to create an outdoor space you can relax with friends and family or enjoy a steaming cup of coffee and the invigorating sunrise. In addition, we offer outdoor lighting for your deck, garden, and steps. Brighter Homes Lighting Gallery is your one-stop shop for all your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Contact us today!