In part one, we took a glimpse into a couple of safety features for outdoor lighting to keep your home and the outdoor environment safe. In today’s post, we’ll explore many more safety tips to implement into your outside lights.

Outside lights are used a safety feature to illuminate your outdoor spaces. Take the first step and ensure your outdoor lighting is up to code with the tips below! For additional information, partner with Brighter Homes Lighting.

Additional Safety Lighting Tips

Safety First – Avoid Metal When Securing Holiday Lighting

When you are hanging your outdoor holiday lighting don’t use something made of metal or a material that will damage the wiring. Metal conducts electricity and this is a fire hazard concern when it is used. Instead, use plastic cable ties or specialty clips that fasten safely onto your gutter.

Safety First – Implement a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

GFCI is most commonly seen in bathrooms, kitchens, and garages and is required in any space in which you are plugging something in while grounded — this includes your patio or backyard as well! If you are getting your electricity from a GFCI from a protected circuit breaker, you are able to install a weather-resistant fixture on the outside. If it is not GFCI protected, you’ll have to have one installed — weather-resistant, too! 

Safety First – Install Outside Lighting Protection

Wherever your outdoor lighting central is if it is exposed to the elements, ensure that it is well covered and protected. If it is protected by a roof or covered by a patio built in cabinet that works just fine, but if it is exposed, you will need to invest in what is known as an “in-use” cover. These specialty covers will protect the power sources dry and protected from extreme weather.

Safety First – Protect Your Power Source, Even if it Under Your Roof

More protection for an electrical source is never overkill so even if your receptacle is protected by an outcropping, you can always make it safer. Cover electrical outlets when they are not in use with plastic covers to protect them from moisture. You will know you are getting the right cover as they will plainly state on their packaging “suitable for damp and moist locations.”

Safety First – Keep Flammable Materials Away From Outdoor Lighting

There are many “outdoor” lights that are crafted with flammable material around the light itself, and while this may not be an issue for the amount of heat they produce, if they are around larger lights that produce more heat, they can easily catch fire. Holiday decorations are also another good example of this — you may place outdoor lighting in your snowman inflatable or under the wise man in your nativity scene while scattering hay or fake snow — these materials can easily ignite and cause a fire. The takeaway, avoid lighting with material on or around it.

Safety First – Use Holiday Lights That Are Labeled For The Outdoors

As we mentioned above, there are some “outdoor” decorative lights that really are not for the outdoors at all. So if you have some cute Santa or ghost lights, ensure they specifically state they are made for outdoor use.

When you employ these safety lighting tips, you’ll have an outdoor environment that is safe and protected!

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