When it comes to your landscaping you want it to stand out, no matter if it is night or day. If you are interested in sprucing up your landscaping through outdoor lighting, you’ve come to the right place. At Brighter Homes Lighting in Eugene, we specialize in outdoor lighting and can help you design the perfect landscape lighting for your home.

Check out these four fun outdoor lighting features you can use to make the most of your yard’s landscaping. Reach out anytime to learn more about how we can help you implement these bright ideas.

#1: Well And Pond Lights To Make The Water Sparkle

What could be more beautiful than the shimmering sparkle of water at night? With the right well and pond lights, you can turn this beautiful feature of your landscaping into the focal point of the evening. Pond and well lights will gently illuminate the waters, allowing you to draw your guests’ eyes to these beautiful water features.

If you have a waterfall, add lights to this as well to create a sparkling cascade. Have fish in your pond? The lights will allow you to watch your finned friends swirl through the evening water and will catch the glimmer of their scales. Well and pond lights are one of our top choices for creating a landscape feature that truly stands out.

#2: Tall And Elegant Lanterns To Set The Ambiance

Do you like to create a mood in your garden that brings to mind images of floating fairies and mystical creatures? Use tall and elegant lanters to set this tone in your garden. Place the lanterns along your pathway and choose a soft lighting to craft the perfect feel. Opt for an elegant style of lantern if you are shooting for a whimsical feel.

Take the ambiance one step further with gas lanterns. The flickering light these lanterns produce will turn your garden into a truly stunning land of imagination and whimsy. Tall lanterns make the perfect addition to landscaping that features an array of flowers and winding vines.

#3: Shrub And Bush Lighting To Create A Soft And Subtle Effect

If you want to create a softer lighting effect, you can hide your lights under shrubs and other bushy plants. This will allow you to add enough lighting to create visibility in your yard at night without overwhelming your guests with too much illuminance.

Install ground lighting underneath select bushes and trees along your pathways to add this subtle lighting effect.

#4: Gentle Step Lighting To Lead The Way

If your landscaping features an array of steps, the addition of step lighting will help guide your guests through your gardens and yard. Step lighting is particularly beautiful when paired with stone steps. The lights will play off of the uneven texture of the stone, leaving deep shadows and points that please the eye.

If you are ready to try any of these four fun outdoor lighting tips for sprucing up your landscaping and making it shine, talk to our team today. We can help you shop from the best outdoor lighting products in Eugene. From garden lights to ambient lighting, we have the outdoor landscape lighting you need to make your design dreams a reality.