Your home is your haven and you want to be able to enjoy the entire property, inside and out, safely no matter the time of day. As outdoor lighting experts in Eugene, we are equipped to help our clients choose the right lighting features to improve the safety of their outdoor living.

Perhaps you want to create a safer outdoor living space for your home. Maybe you want to improve the safety of your loved one’s home, such as an elderly parent. No matter what’s the case, check out these tips for how you can utilize outdoor lighting to improve the safety of the space.

Utilize Motion Sensored Lighting Around The House

The first place to begin is with the installation of motion sensored lighting. These lights will provide two different safety features. For one, they will ward off intruders as the light will be off-putting to those who are trying to sneak around in the dark. Secondly, they will help ensure that you can see what you are doing when you arrive home late at night.

The best place for motion sensored lighting is near your entryways. Garages, backdoors, and front porches all make great locations for a motion sensored light. These will also pair well with security cameras placed in the same locations. This allows you to see what is going on if the lights are tripped.

Implement Step And Rail Lighting

Step and rail lighting are a great addition to your home or that of an aging loved one. These lights will provide safety against tripping in the dark. By adding lights along rails, you can ensure that no one reaches for a rail in the dark, misses, and falls.

Step lighting will ensure that each stair can be clearly seen, leaving you with sure footing. Step and rail lighting make the perfect addition to a front or back door area where you frequently come and go at night.

Add Lighting To Your Shed

If the back of your property has a shed or other storage space, make sure you add lighting to this area as well. You can opt for a motion sensored light in this area of your yard to ensure that you can see where you are going at night if you need to access the space. This also makes another perfect location for a security camera to ensure that no one is lurking on the backside of your property.

Keep All Walkways Well Lit

One of the best ways to keep you and your guests safe is to ensure all your walkways are well lit. During the night, it is easy to miss a crack in the pavement or a small incline in the walkway. By adding lights to all your walkways, you will make it simple for you and your guests to roam the property without the hazard of tripping.

Walkway lighting comes in a variety of styles, allowing for you to find something that will match your landscaping theme. You can choose tall and elegant lanterns or you can opt for a simple and subtle ground lighting. No matter what design you choose, these lights will offer improved safety as you walk your grounds.

Want to use outdoor lighting for improved safety on your property? Reach out today to talk to our expert outdoor lighting designers in Eugene for assistance.