There are many aesthetic features to consider when decorating your home — from choosing the perfect furniture, flooring, accent pieces, and paint to deciding the layout — an amalgamation of function and style are needed to complete each room. And then there is the lighting, arguably, the key component to every room as it is what you rely on to illuminate each home element.

At Brighter Homes Lighting in Eugene, we can help you layer your indoor lighting throughout each room in your home including bedroom lighting, living room lighting, and entry lighting. Join us in today’s illumination on the tips for a well-lit home!

Follow the Light to a Well-Lit Home

Although lighting may not always be on the top priority when designing a space it is a crucial piece that cannot be ignored! The lighting industry provides so many innovative lighting options, that there is a style choice for every home.

Always layer your light.

Integrating task, accent, and ambient lighting gives you functional lighting that serves different purposes in all of your rooms. Task lighting is helpful for tasks such as reading or hobbies, ambient serves as an overall way to light and focus the room, while accent lighting can be niche and kitschy to serve as a representative of your own personal style.  

Pay attention to the bathroom lighting.

Bathroom lighting is different because there are many more elements and considerations to take when it comes to lighting options that don’t apply to other rooms. For example, you can easily add different lighting layers with ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting will be the center and main lighting in your bathroom — you can go dramatic with a chandelier or keep it modern with an overhead lighting fixture. Mixing in task lighting for your vanity or above the bath and shower area is a great way to incorporate additional lighting and installing sconces or accent lamps can add a stylish touch.

Choose an appropriate lampshade.

More than lighting, it is easy to overlook a lampshade. Lamps are generally sold as a unit — lamp base and lamp shade — so we don’t give much to it. Not only can a lampshade provide a unique style, but it is the feature that illuminates the light. When considering your lamps think about what their purpose is before settling on a shade. Consider things such as:

  • The room
  • The bulb type
  • How much light you’ll need
  • The size
  • Incorporate chandeliers

Chandeliers embody so much style they are no longer just reserved for the entrance way or as dining room lighting. Use a chandelier in your bathroom or bedroom for a dramatic and chic lighting statement. If you do decide to incorporate a chandelier, always ensure you get the measurement correct!

Don’t be content with just overhead lighting.

Optimal lighting adds so much to a room, even if it is a small space like a closet or entryway. Light up the space with additional lighting that goes beyond ambient, overhead lighting.

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