Did you know that lighting has color temperatures? Do you know the difference between task lighting and accent lighting? Light is an extremely important element in our home. After all, you can’t see without light. In order to make your home the most comfortable and pleasant space to live in, you’ll need light that meets your needs. If you have no clue about the different types of lighting, it’s time you consulted a lighting design expert who can help you make your home shine.

Brighter Homes Gallery in Salem and Eugene can help. We offer free consultation with lighting design experts who have years of experience in lighting, from accent lighting to bathroom lighting. Below, we’ll go over how a lighting design expert can help you.


  • Seek out the experts. Lighting wasn’t exactly a class in your high school days and not exactly something most people know a lot about. How many times have you gone to the store and just grabbed a replacement light bulb, not having any idea if it was the one you needed? Lighting design experts are familiar with all types of lighting and the best placement of lighting. If you want a home with the right lighting, you’ll need a lighting expert.
  • Lighting sets the mood. Picture two environments: a hospital and a coffee shop. Hospitals have bright, white light that is almost piercing when you look at it. Coffee shops have soft, light full of yellow tones and soft angles. Which room would you rather be in? Without a lighting design expert, it’s hard to know which types of light evoke which moods.
  • Know your color temperatures. Color temperatures are what describe light from light bulbs. Typically, Kevin temperatures are used. There are three color temperatures: soft light (warm white), bright white (cool light), and daylight. Knowing your color temperatures and which to use for what purpose will make not only your eyes happy, but also make the feel of your indoor lighting spaces. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this idea, no problem. Our lighting design experts at Brighter Homes Lighting Gallery can handle all your lighting details for you.
  • Define your goals. Think about each room in your home and what atmosphere you want to create. Think about the activities that go on in that room. Ask yourself some questions, such as “Will this room be a work space or my home office?” and “Is this room just for watching TV?” Once you know the use of the rooms in your home, your lighting design expert can do the rest.

Brighter Homes Lighting Gallery has been serving the wonderful community of Eugene with the best lighting design since 1968, and now we’re serving Salem as well. In that amount of time, we’ve learned a lot about the exterior and interior lighting industry, and we’re here to share that knowledge with you. We’re constantly striving to innovate and bring new ideas and uses for light to you. We carry a dizzying array of lighting solutions, from entry lighting and office lighting to bedroom lighting ideas and basement lighting solutions. We invite you to visit our lighting showroom, and see for yourself the many lighting solutions available and what light can do for you. Schedule a free consultation with one of our lighting design experts today!