Something that a lot of people fail to consider with their interior design is the profound impact that indoor lighting can have on the mood and ambience of your home. When you really think about it, however, it’s pretty obvious — would you watch a projection movie under the bright glow of a chandelier? Would you want your personal office to be a flashy light show? Obviously not, but the trick is understanding how to create the intended mood that you want in your home.

One ambience that a lot of people shoot for is romance. While most people don’t opt for an entire home to be romantically inclined, it’s understandable and very common to create a bedroom space that evokes intimacy. Looking for creative ways to turn your bedroom into a romantic paradise? Here are some ways you can use indoor lighting to set the mood.

Dimmer is Better

First of all, let’s get the most important thing out of the way — extremely bright areas do not evoke a romantic and sensual mood! Intimacy is almost always represented by warm colors and dim lighting, so if you have fluorescent white lights filling the whole space, it’s much harder to get in the mood.

Darker environments have always been associated with those things in life that are tempting, alluring, or seductive. By having a dimly lit environment, you can accentuate the feelings that you have for each other by creating an environment where you both feel natural and comfortable.

Warm Colors

What color do we always think of when we think of romance? Red. It is almost invariably tied with attraction and love. The hearts we use to symbolize love are red. Roses, the prototypical icon of romantic dates, are red. In TV and movies, romantic settings are often made up of red blankets, pillows, or other surrounding objects such as curtains.

We’re not saying your whole room needs to be red, as reds, oranges, and subdued yellows also contribute to a romantic mood. But you should seek to find furniture that will play well with your dim lighting.

Speaking of lighting, avoid bulbs that are white with their glow. Romance is better suited for a more natural-feeling light source, which is another reason why candlelit dinners and bedrooms are so popular. Look for lights that give off a more yellow or orange tone. These will complement your warm-colored furniture, and create just the effect you’re aiming for.

Try Remotely Dimmed Lighting

Finally, one drawback of romantic lighting is that you might not want it 100 percent of the time. You might have other uses for your bedroom, and maybe you don’t always want to feel like you’re about to have a hot date. For this, remote controlled lighting is perfect.

Certain lights and bulbs have the option to be controlled by a remote, which can also dim or brighten the lights as you please. This is great for romantic nights — you can darken the room if you feel like being a bit more adventurous, or brighten it to normal levels when it’s just business as usual.

Indoor Lighting Solutions in Eugene

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