When you were a kid, did you have a favorite night light? Perhaps a unicorn that shimmered or Mickey Mouse who shined a reddish glow in your room? Do your kids have a favorite night light? Night lights are as versatile as any other type of indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, and with the Internet, your children can own a dinosaur night light as easily as a princess night light. Humans (and all animals for that matter) have to have light in order to see. Brighter Homes Lighting Gallery serves the Eugene and Salem areas with indoor lighting, including bedroom lighting. Below, we’ll list the benefits of night lights. Contact us today!


  • Convenience. Human eyes were designed to see color more so than to see in the dark. Our eyesight is limited in the dark by design, so the more light available in a room, the better we can see. However, the problem with a lot of light is it can keep some of us up and disturb natural melatonin production (the hormone that promotes sleep). Hence, the convenience of a night light that gives off just enough light, allows us to see without waking us up.
  • Safety. How many times have you gotten up in the middle of the night only to trip on something (like your dog) because you couldn’t see? You may have only stubbed your toe, but it could have been worse if you had fallen. Night lights put added light into the room to allow us to see more objects in the dark.
  • Comfort. A lot of kids are afraid of the dark. This usually starts in childhood as your child’s cognitive abilities advance, which includes their imagination. If your child wakes up in the middle of the night and is afraid of something, he or she will immediately see there’s nothing in the room with a night light. In addition, a night light in a favorite shape such as a dinosaur or teddy bear can reassure your child they are safe and protected. Lit rooms are not as scary as dark rooms.
  • Compact. All you need is an outlet for a night light. A night light is small and takes up hardly any space, making them perfect additions to any room or hallway without creating safety risks.
  • Security. Any type of lighting is a deterrent to robbers looking to break into your home and steal your valuables. Night lights can provide just enough light to make your home less likely to be robbed.

Brighter Homes Lighting Gallery in Salem and Eugene believes night lights are essential for bedroom lighting. They not only keep you safe at night, but they can add a splash of color or style to your bedroom, bathroom, or hallway. Night lights are comforting when you can’t fall asleep at night and make your bedroom seem just a bit safer upon waking from a nightmare. We offer the best in indoor lighting for all rooms in your home, including basement lighting and hallway lighting. Visit one of our showrooms today!