Whether you own a townhome or single family home, your exterior lighting should be as much of a priority as your indoor lighting. If your property still has the builder-grade fixtures to illuminate your outdoor spaces, then you may be considering whether or not you should consider upgrading. The lighting experts at Brighter Homes Lighting Gallery know a thing or two about outdoor lighting, and we would love to help you select the right fixtures to properly illuminate your property. Visit our Salem lighting showroom today to discover a world of possibilities!

There are many reasons why it is important to have the outside of your home and the surrounding property adequately illuminated. To learn more about a few of the benefits that modern outdoor lighting provides, continue reading below.

Four Benefits of Outdoor Lighting


Your home is your sanctuary, and you want to be able to walk around outdoors during the day or night without the worry of getting hurt. While this is not difficult to accomplish during the daytime hours or periods of good weather, conditions may not be as safe around your property after dark or in the event of inclement weather. Path lights can expose dangerous obstructions and elevation changes, decreasing the odds of tripping. Likewise, exterior wall fixtures can make it easier to see standing water and ice that may have accumulated on your patios and walkways.


Closely related to the safety of your property, exterior lighting also enhances the security of your home during nighttime hours. A well-lit home is the best deterrent of burglary, vandalism, and other types of property crime. If the outside of your house and the surrounding landscaping is not properly illuminated, then potential criminals have plenty of cover to keep from being seen. Installing motion-activated outdoor spotlights, wall lanterns, and other fixtures are an important component of effective home security efforts.

Warm Welcomes

When friends, family, and other guests arrive at your home, you want to provide a warm welcome that makes them feel comfortable while on your property. This is easy enough to accomplish during daytime hours, but what about providing a welcoming environment to people who arrive after the sun sets? A dark or poorly lit exterior entryway can send the message that you aren’t in the mood to entertain or socialize, and that can be off-putting for guests. If your front entry is darker than you’d like it to be, why not upgrade to a stylish hanging lantern or outdoor chandelier to brighten up the space?

Curb Appeal

When looking for ways to enhance the curb appeal of their home, many homeowners consider a fresh coat of paint, new landscaping, and other improvements that easily catch the eye of passersby. Whether you are selling your home or just hoping for an improved aesthetic, upgrading your outdoor lighting is another easy way to make your home more attractive. Pier-mounted lights, post-mounted lights, and other fixtures can take your home’s curb appeal from ordinary to extraordinary quickly and easily without breaking the bank.

Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Spotlights, and More for Salem

Are you ready to update the safety, security, and curb appeal of your Salem home? If so, then let our experienced team show you the difference that high-quality exterior lighting can make for your property. For more than 50 years, we have been “the bright choice” for homeowners across the area, and we are confident we can help you, too. Swing by the largest, Top Rated Local® lighting showroom in Oregon today or call us at 503-364-2715 to speak with a sales rep. We look forward to hearing from you!