The invention of electricity is one of the most important advancements in the history of humans as well as the invention of the incandescent light bulb. With electricity, a fan can be powered to move air around and keep us cool in the long summer days. With the light bulb, light can be produced with the flip of a switch. If you combined both (which Philip Diehl did in 1882), you get the ceiling fan. Brighter Homes Lighting Gallery in Salem and Eugene is a specialist in all indoor lighting, accent lighting, ambient lighting, and outdoor lighting needs, which includes ceiling fans. Below, we’ll list the benefits of ceiling fans. Contact us today!


  • Reduce energy costs. Fans don’t actually produce cooled air; they operate by moving air around, which results in the surrounding air being three to four degrees cooler. This allows you to set your thermostat a bit higher. Paying for cool air is much more expensive than merely circulating it.
  • Style. Like decorative lamps we discussed in our last post, ceiling fans come in many unique styles, types, and materials as well, such as low-profile, dual-motor, and remote-controlled. Check out Brighter Homes Lighting Gallery today!
  • Light. Almost all modern ceiling fans have some sort of light in the center, either one bright light or multiple lights, much like a chandelier. This is both functional, adding another layer of light to your room, setting the ambiance, and decorative, showing off your fun and festive style.
  • Versatile. The ceiling fan can be hung in any place with an overhead beam to fasten it to and electricity. This includes any of your home rooms, as well as studios, patios, barns, and porches.
  • Year-round use. Ceiling fans can be used in the winter months as well to force warm air near the surface of your room down by simply reversing the direction of the ceiling fan blades.
  • Keeps the flies down. The breeze produced by a fan makes it hard for flies and mosquitoes to land and fly, giving you one more reason to install a ceiling fan in your favorite summer outdoor space.

Ceiling fans have a humble origin. First appearing in India, huge punkah fans were used, operated by a cord. Women held fans in their hands and used them during the hot summer months, which began merely as leaves and decorated paper. Ceiling fans themselves used to be powered by water and turbine.

The popularity of the ceiling fan has waxed and waned over the years, but today they have become a fixture in most new American homes built. Ceiling fans produce a calming effect from the white noise, as the motion can lull a baby (and an adult) to sleep in minutes.

Brighter Homes Lighting Gallery believes in ceiling fans’ ability to create a comfortable and cool environment. We’re here to help you choose from the hundreds available to complement your decor and your budget. Contact us today for all of your outdoor lighting needs!